Dr. Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus in Psychology @ UCSF, is a pioneer in the study of human emotions and their relation to facial expressions. He co-developed the Facial Action Coding System to measure facial movement objectively which he has been trying to translate into resources that can benefit the general public. His research and expertise inspired the TV series Lie to me, and also served as a scientific advisor for Pixar’s Inside Out.


Health policy researcher and professor at UCSF School of Medicine, Dr. Laura Schmidt works to understand the contribution of lifestyle and social & economic backgrounds to the burden of chronic disease, aiming to translate her research into evidence-based policy reforms. Dr. Schmidt is also the lead investigator of SugarScience, a platform to provide evidence-based information about sugar and its impact on health, at TEDMed 2015 she discussed whether people have real freedom of choice in what they eat.