The 2016 UCSF Postdoc Research Symposium would not be possible without the help of dedicated Volunteers! During the weeks leading up to the event you can help the organizers with planing and preparations. During the day of the symposium we need your help for tasks like setting up poster boards and tables, or assisting the speakers - there´s something for everyone!

Current volunteers needs:

- Video editors (1 or more) to edit the recordings of the Symposium talks

- People to provide microphones during questions (2 per session)

- Help placing tables and posters boards

- Cleaning crew

- "Spread the word" volunteers to place flyers accross different campuses

Please sign up for becoming a 2016 UCSF Postdoc Research Symposium Volunteer by sending a short email to julie.roignot@ucsf.edu, she will get back to you soon to find the right job for you.

Thanks a lot for your support!