The best 15 abstracts have been selected for talks by a committee of experts in science communication. 

Are you ready to explain the relevance and significance of your research to a broad audience in a 7 minutes?

Here are our selected speakers

Yue Leng, UCSF

Simone Mayer, UCSF

Alison L. Gould, UC Berkeley

Valerie Vaissier, UC Berkeley

Michael B. Ross, UC Berkeley

Hsin-Yu Chen, UCSF

Ian Yi-Cheng Liu, UC Berkeley

Ophir Vermesh, Stanford

Lise Barbe, Gladestone Institutes

Luke Bonser, UCSF

Sarah B. Reiff, UCSF

Krystal A. Fontaine, Gladstone Institutes 

Imilce A. Rodriguez-Fernandez, Buck Institute

Chen-Yu Liao, Buck Institute 

Roberta Sala, Stanford