BAPS 2017 Program:



Postdoc Talks sessions:


POSTDOC TALKS session I (10:10 - 11:05 am):
1. Antidepressants may not be the “magic pill” for the aging brain, by Yue Leng, UCSF
2. Birth control in the brain – how neural stem cells make us think, by Simone Mayer, UCSF
3. Shedding light on symbioses: lessons from a bioluminescent fish, by Alison L. Gould, UC Berkeley
4. Faster chemistry with computers, by Valerie Vaissier, UC Berkeley
5. Synthesizing Chemicals from Carbon Dioxide Using Renewable Energy, by Michael B. Ross, UC Berkeley

POSTDOC TALKS session II (11:25 am - 12:20 pm):
6. Hyperpolarized 13 C MRI Technology to assist Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in Humans, by Hsin-Yu Chen, UCSF
7. A Point-of-Care Device for Immunosuppressant Monitoring, by Ian Yi-Cheng Liu, UC Berkeley
8. A Magnetic Wire for Large-Scale Capture of Circulating Tumor Cells from a Vein, by Ophir Vermesh, Stanford University.
9. New marker for the prenatal prediction of the most severe forms of myotonic dystrophy, by Lise Barbe, Gladstone, UCSF.
10. Airway mucus: the good, the bad and the sticky! By Luke Bonser, UCSF

POSTDOC TALKS III (3:35 - 4:30 pm):
11. A step closer to solving the mystery of single cell regeneration, by Sarah B. Reiff, UCSF
12. Does Zika’s evasion of host self-defense cause microcephaly? by Krystal A. Fontaine, Gladstone-UCSF
13. How intestinal stem cells deal with protein trash and why this is important for aging? by Imilce A. Rodriguez-Fernandez, Buck Instititute
14. Life extension by reducing food intake is not universal, by Chen-Yu Liao, Buck Institiute.
15. Mechanisms to control centrosome number in cells, by Roberta Sala, Stanford Uni.