Abstracts should explain research to a broad audience, non expert in your field in layman's terms

Specific Requirements:

  • Abstract titles should be brief and should reflect the content of the abstract
  • Author's name and affiliation should appear below the tittle
  • Abstracts should have a maximum of 200 words (body of abstract)
  • Language: Write abstract in layman’s terms. Use plain language appropriate for an intelligent but non-scientific audience. Avoid scientific jargon and use everyday English words instead of complex words
  • Structure: The text should be easy to read, use short and clear sentences. Avoid complex grammatical structures and use concrete everyday examples whenever possible
  • Comprehension, Background & Key Results: Logical sequence of the research is key for comprehension. Provide an appropriate background to understand the research question, its relevance and the key findings in a concise and complete way that people outside the field can understand (answer why, how and what)

Not sure how to write a text in layman's terms? Check eLIfe's guide how to write plain abstracts for more detailed guidelines and examples!

The best 15 abstracts will be selected by a team of experts in science communication and will be invited to give a talk on the day of the Symposium

Speakers will be announced by May 20th!


Submit your abstract today and get access to early registration! (assistance limited to 40-50 postdocs per Institute)!

Submit to: [email protected]

Deadline for submission is now May 7th @11.59pm!