Science blogging

Get your science blog on!
Science blogging is an effective form of communications that publicizes your research to audiences around the world. This 45 minute workshop will teach you how to start a successful science blog or how to start writing for an existing blog. We'll cover topics like how to pick a blog theme or topic, defining your audience, and what science blogs are "doing it well". You'll also learn tips on how to write engaging content, how to build readership, how to come up with punchy titles and how to promote your hard work on various platforms. Every scientist needs to learn how to write and communicate in a less formal way that scientists outside their field and the public can understand. Science blogging is the perfect way to gain these skills and will be a valuable asset no matter what career path you choose.

Karen Ring is the website and social media manager for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and writes about stem cell research for their Stem Cellar Blog. Karen received her Ph.D. from the University of California San Francisco in 2012 in biomedical science and did a two year postdoc at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging on Huntington's disease.

While at the Buck, she founded the Science of Aging blog (SAGE) with a group of postdocs and scientists to promote ongoing research at the institute to the larger scientific community.

You can learn more about Karen and her experience as a science communicator and blogger on her website