Science stories are, generally speaking, not the most straightforward—but they’re important stories to tell. Over the course of this 1.5 hour workshop, we’ll walk through the process of making a science podcast, from finding a subject to publishing the finished product. You’ll have the chance to develop questions, conduct an interview, write a script, record narration, and explore the basics of audio production. You'll leave with both a mini-podcast you made yourself and the skills to turn an interesting scientific concept into a snappy, appealing story.

Ben Mansky is a member of Carry the One Radio (CTOR), a science podcast run by students and postdocs at UCSF. Carry the One aims to ignite scientific curiosity in the general public by distilling scientific stories into a digestible, entertaining form.

CTOR Leaders Meryl Horn and Peter Chisnell will be helping Ben with this workshop!